The End of Sleep

 A dystopian, sci-fi thriller, where language is no longer learned but streamed from internet in space. 

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What connects a new highly addictive gaming app, viral conspiracy theories by the mysterious Dark Court, and a fatal insomnia pandemic? Enter Lilith King, the world’s most famous cybercrime detective.

Lilith had always known she was different. Attitude to burn, for one thing. The strange chanting in her head since she was seven, for another. And then, the Aura, the sensory disturbance that makes her sick to the pit of her stomach, seemingly coinciding with the new, strange apparition that’s haunting her. She also has the ability to solve crime through touch alone. Together with Dr. Kace Westwood, a sleep specialist genius and a freak like her, Lilith must figure out whether the deadly insomnia pandemic is linked to the vagus chip implants being offered to all qualifying Unskills. Or are people’s language chips being hacked? And why is only the lowest soc-ed class being targeted? 


In a desperate race against time to save billions of people, Lilith must confront shocking revelations about her origins and destiny, while attempting to save the one she loves. 



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Paperback (390 pages) ISBN: 978-1-7399962-0-8

RRP: $14.99 USD / $18.99 CAD/ $19.99 AUD /$21.99 NZD/ £10.99 GBP / €13.49 EUR / ₹1,139 INR / R239.99 ZAR / ¥1709 JPN

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The End of Sleep is the first installment in the Songs of the Sage book series.


Publication Date: May 3rd, 2022


Songs of the sage book series

IThey who control language control everything.

Language is no longer learned, but streamed. Universal Grammar brain implants are fitted at birth, mandated by law. Big tech controls the world’s last remaining languages for profit, while for the lower soc-ed classes, employment is a thing of the past. Meanwhile, the mysterious Sage, the oldest being in the entire Elyonim controls the Morningstar Collider, and hence all communication between Sempiternal beings.

Lilith King, the flame-haired Interpol detective with the power of soul-reading through touch alone, must prevent the destructive plans of streaming language service companies on Earth. And caught up in a war between  the warrior orders of the ancient planet of Empyrean, the Guardians and Watchers, the survival of the human race hangs in the balance.

In a future where language technology can be used as a tool for mind control, or as a weapon of mass destruction, Lilith must save the human race from annihilation, restore balance to the Elyonim, and mount a quest to save the one she loves, imprisoned in the shadowy realm known as the Chaos.

Next book in the series, THe Babel Apocalypse  is forthcoming in 2023


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The End of Sleep sci-fi novel by Vyvyan Evans

Lilith  Errapel  King 

Lilith says..."Attitude. My attitude. Like a kick-ass red lipstick. Or my hair, the color of raging fire. Or my lack of political correctness. It smacked people in the face. People always told me I was shy and cute and calm. On first impression, at least. There’s a caveat. I was calm until I wasn’t. When I lost it, I lost it big style. I never understood why people didn’t get it. Don’t ever piss me off. Never do that. I could be calm; I could be collected. But underneath it all, my prim façade, I was one hard bitch. I never forgave or forgot. Ever. And I would never be politically correct. Like me or loathe me, they could all go bite my skinny ass."



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Vyvyan Evans is a native of the ancient Roman cathedral city of Chester, in England. He holds a PhD in Linguistics from Georgetown University, Washington DC, and has lived and worked extensively in Asia, Europe and North America. He has written numerous books of fiction and non-fiction. His award-winning writing focuses, in one way or another, on the nature of language, mind, the impact of technology on language, and the future of communication. His popular science writing has been featured in numerous venues, ranging from The Guardian, to Psychology Today, from The New York Post to New Scientist. His science fiction work explores the status of language and digital communication technology as potential weapons of mass destruction.

For further information, visit his official website.

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